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Key features

Conversion tracking

See what content creates conversions

Learn what newsletter content drives subscriptions, purchases, or other desired outcomes.

GlueLetter tracks your important conversion events — driving subscriptions or purchases on your website or traffic to a landing page.

It tells you what campaigns, links and topics directly drive those results.

AD tracking

Track ad clicks and impressions

Easily track and reports the clicks and impressions of your newsletter ad campaigns.

Optionally, you can also give advertising clients their own user accounts with direct access to dashboards and email reports about their own campaigns.

newsletter metrics made easy

Easy analysis for each campaign

GlueLetter tracks every campaign, every subject line, every link. It tells you what got readers to open and to click. And how newsletter metrics are changing over time.

Link Scores measure the performance of the links in your newsletters on a 0-100 scale.

With Link Scores, you’ll be able to see at a glance how your newsletter’s links are performing and make informed decisions about the content you include in your future newsletters.

Topics and trends analysis

What topics drive engagement?

Most email analytics just tell you the number of clicks on each link.

GlueLetter goes further, with advanced content analysis to detect the topics of content, and which ones are performing well across multiple links and campaigns.

Get to know what topics consistently drive opens and clicks with topic tracking and trend analysis from GlueLetter.


Segment your readers

Segments from GlueLetter can identify individuals who opened campaigns, clicked on certain links, or clicked on any links about certain topics.

Here are some common types of segments that GlueLetter could track for you:

  • Target readers who clicked on recent stories in an investigative series with a follow-up campaign asking them to buy a subscription to support that work.
  • Identify subscribers of one newsletter who might be interested in another newsletter. For example, people who clicked on sports stories in a general-interest newsletter can be placed in a segment, and then sent a message inviting them to subscribe to your sports newsletter.
  • Label subscribers who opened a newsletter in the past 30 days, so you can send re-engagement messages to all the other subscribers who have not been opening recent campaigns.

Track specific audiences

Some newsletter readers are especially valuable. And you may want to track how those groups engage with newsletters.

GlueLetter enables you to track Audiences — specified groups of readers — to see how they engage with your newsletters.

Here are some common types of Audiences that GlueLetter could track for you:

  • Existing subscribers, members or donors you want to engage and retain
  • Previous customers you want repeat purchases from
  • Demographic groups (age brackets, genders, etc.)
  • Frequent readers
  • People using certain types of email addresses (.gov, .edu, or even specific organizations like

These groups may have different interests and behaviors than your total newsletter audience. GlueLetter’s dashboards and custom reports can show you the specific stories, topics, campaigns and other content that is building loyalty with any specific Audience.

Section Tracking

Which parts of your newsletter get read?

Section Tracking automatically tracks links in different sections of your newsletter, allowing you to understand which sections are more or less successful at driving clicks or conversions.

With Section Tracking, you can evaluate and refine the structure of your newsletter products, maximize their impact and ensure that your subscribers are receiving the content that they are most interested in.

Here’s how it works: simply assign different sections of your newsletter to different tracking categories (e.g. “Top Stories”, “Editor’s Picks”, etc.), and Section Tracking will automatically track the performance of those sections, providing you with data-driven insights into what is resonating with your audience and what needs improvement.

With Section Tracking, you can:

  • Gain valuable insights into the success of different sections of your newsletter
  • Evaluate and refine the structure of your newsletter products to maximize their impact
  • Improve the relevance and engagement of your newsletter content
Rollup reporting

Combine data across products

GlueLetter combines insights and analysis for all your newsletters, to provide the fullest picture of your audience interests.

No matter what services you use to send emails — Mailchimp, Salesforce, Sailthru, or any others — we import and improve your data.

You can choose to analyze a single campaign, all campaigns from one newsletter, or your total audience across multiple newsletters.

Integrate all your newsletter audience data with GlueLetter.

Slack and Email Delivery

Simple, useful reports pushed to your Slack or email

Newsletter authors are busy people with many other job responsibilities. Who has time to remember to go look at analytics?

GlueLetter makes it easy to stay on top of your data, sending smart reports directly to the relevant people via Slack or email. Get daily campaign reports and schedule custom reports about any data, any time.

business results

Deliver financial outcomes

Whether your organization has subscribers, members, donors or customers — the habit-forming power of newsletters is the key to winning and keeping them.

GlueLetter makes it easy to listen to your newsletter audience, so you can maximize their conversion, retention, sales or other key outcomes.

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