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Unlock your newsletter analytics

Open rates are not enough

Your email service provider measures newsletters like any other email. Why settle for that?

GlueLetter works with your existing ESP and provides the robust insights and data tools that newsletter publishers need

Smart digital publishers trust GlueLetter
to power their growth

Some of our clients include:
Bridge Michigan
Inbox Collective
The Baltimore Banner
Lookout Santa Cruz
The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Wisconsin Watch
Jacksonville Today / WJCT
The 74 Million
Arizona Luminaria

What’s the deal?

Your problem

You are a news publisher who relies on email newsletters to drive revenue from readers, members or advertisers.

Your generic email marketing platform provides basic analytics, but lacks the depth and granularity needed to gain meaningful insights.

You spend a significant amount of time manually collecting data from multiple sources, which is both time-consuming and prone to human error.

Lack of newsletter insights and data tools is hindering your ability to grow your revenue streams and reach your full potential as a news publisher.

Our solution

Our software meets the unique analytics needs of news publishers who rely on newsletters for revenue generation.

GlueLetter automatically aggregates data from your email marketing platform and other relevant sources.

GlueLetter provides dashboards and reports that present all the essential metrics, plus enhanced insights about content topics, conversion events, ad clicks, list growth, and more.

GlueLetter prioritizes ease of use and automated distribution to Slack and email, ensuring that your whole team can effortlessly analyze newsletters without technical expertise.

Your outcomes

You gain a comprehensive understanding of newsletter performance.

You save time spent manually downloading, logging and distributing reports.

With these insights, you can make data-driven decisions, improve your content strategy, and ultimately increase your revenue.


Use cases

Grow revenue

See how newsletter content drives subscriptions, memberships, donations, or other outcomes.

Track advertisements

Automatically track the clicks and impressions on all your ads.

Content analysis

Easily see which links, topics and subject lines get readers to open, click and convert.

Section Tracking

Track which sections of a newsletter get engagement. Evaluate your template design and launch new products.

Target reader segments

Create user segments based on individuals’ topics of interest or levels of engagement.

Track specific audiences

Isolate the interests and behaviors of your most valuable users — subscribers, members, customers, etc.

Audience growth

Track each newsletter’s engaged users, list growth, and conversions.

Exclusive benchmarking

Easily compare your newsletter KPIs against other similar publishers and newsletters tracked by GlueLetter.

Our data comes to you

Deliver data when and where people need it, with smart dashboards, personalized emails, and Slack alerts.

Ready to replace your email metrics with newsletter metrics?

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