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Content analytics and insights for email newsletters


Use newsletter analytics
to attract loyal readers

Newsletters can create loyal readers and customers, if you know what content works.

GlueLetter is content analytics and insights for email newsletters. It figures out what content your audience likes, and gives you convenient insights.

The outcome — you acquire and retain more readers, and more revenue.


Topics and trends analysis

Advanced content analysis detects which topics drive newsletter engagement.

Combine data across products

Analyze engagement trends from each campaign, all campaigns of one newsletter, or your total audience across multiple newsletters.

Section Tracking

Track engagement with each section of your newsletters. See what features your readers care about, and make better decisions about your next newsletter redesign.

Insights in your Inbox

Powerful dashboards, daily campaign summaries and weekly trend insights sent directly to your newsletter authors.

Deliver results

Give your readers more of what they find interesting, and they give you more engagement and revenue.

Simple integration

GlueLetter works with any email service provider. Setup takes three simple steps:

1. Add a tracking code

Add our unique tracking code to your newsletter template.

2. Put us on your list

Add our unique email address to your recipients list.

3. Connect a data source

We help you connect your existing data sources, like Google Analytics, Sailthru, or others.

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