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Newsletter analytics unlocked

Keep your email service provider,
but upgrade your analytics

News publishers

Learn what newsletter content drives subscriptions and memberships

Advocates & associations

Use data to make your email blasts and newsletters more influential


Grow your newsletter audience and earn more affiliate revenue

Meet GlueLetter

We help newsletter publishers feel:

Informed about content

Connected to audience needs

Creative with products

Confident in achieving results

What GlueLetter does:

1. Extracts data from your ESP and web analytics

2. Enhances with advanced content analysis

3. Analyzes for trends and patterns

4. Distributes via dashboards, email and Slack


Use cases


Conversion Tracking shows what content drives subscriptions, purchases, ad clicks, or other desired outcomes.

Content strategy

See which links, topics and subject lines get readers to open, click and convert. Link Scores rate each link on a 0-100 scale, putting performance in context.

Automated analysis

Advanced content analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and automatic discovery of trends and insights.


Track which sections of a newsletter get engagement. Evaluate your newsletter audiences and launch new products.

Integrate data

Combine data from all sources. Analyze one campaign, many campaigns, or your overall audience across all newsletters.


Deliver data when and where people need it, with smart dashboards, personalized emails, and Slack alerts.

Take your newsletters to the next level

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